Friday, June 22, 2012

Greedy people are the Lifeline of our Society/ World!

What if I say greed is good- greed to lend a hand to the poor, greed to accomplish the best for our society, community, nation and entire human race, greed to empower the susceptible, frail and marginalized sections of our society, greed to fortify the downtrodden, oppressed and underprivileged, greed to serve the sick, ailing, and elderly and the disabled? Greed to emancipate- the wounded souls! Greed to accumulate pain, sorrow and sufferings and then letting them go is the Eventual Endeavour (E2 J) of all humans. Hence we are Spiritual beings with human experiences! Such greed is better than the ambition that the Rich and Powerful possess.
              Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin,Sachin Tendulkar, Lata Mangeshkar, Bachendri Pal, Kalpana Chawla, Dr. Baba Saheb Ambekar, -  Just one unsatisfied desire led these unique souls to set them on an extra ordinary voyage of their life!!! All of them had one thing in common- Greed to do Good in their respective professions- the paths chosen by them w/o any attempts to exploit/ corrupt anyone deliberately! Hence, greed if it’s emerging from Good Intentions and for Good Actions is Good Greed or rather better than ambitions!
         Hitler, Kasaab, Mussolini, Alexander, Duryodhan, Ravana, Politicians like Sharad Pawar, Karunanidhi, A Raja, Suresh Kalmadi,Vilasrao Deshmikh, Kripashankar Singh and Business People like Ketan Parekh, Ramalinga Raju  And the recent example of Rajat Gupta ruined, exploited and sucked up all the resources not just from our society but entire humanity for their selfish personal gains. Ambition to amass and accumulate reserves and property of entire humanity is worse than any greed can ever be! Ambition to reach the top by trampling on the dead bodies of innocent ones, ambition to capture authority, political power and funds by betraying your near and dear ones, Ambition to manipulate a person to satisfy your lust, Ambition leading to destruction is thousand times worse than greediness!!!  Access to excess is the real root cause of such radical disparity existing in our society.  Drastic ambitions,aspiration, goals, aims, visions, objectives, targets, desires, hopes, etc though having positive connotations will lead to  permanent and irreversible damage of our society if they emerge from negative/destructive intentions! Things themselves are not dreadful– it’s the excessive longing and clinging or fixation for them, the feeling of dependence for self worth on materials rather than human qualities, traits and empathic emotions screws us up.  Chasing every desire for temporary cheap thrills ruins everything.  And ultimately we go through burnt if not death, death of not mere physical body but death of our soul when compassion is ripped of due to our never ending hunger that one unsatisfied desire that many of us are not in aware of !!!
               We tend to forget the fact that “True Relationships and family and friends” strengthen us more than an arsenal of clothing, accessories, luxuries, ornaments or latest gadgets!!!!
             A diplomat once said, “It’s amazing! Half of the Rich and Powerful sleep with the other half………..
lols  You might be wondering why have I interchanged the Words Greed and Ambition, right???? That’s precisely because that’s how it is these days!!! The result of the ever over-hyped RAT-RACE of the 21st Century…………….smiley

             (i)Pune ; a 15-year-old murdered by friends for Rs 50,000 , (ii)the ever mysterious Aarushi Murder case and now (iii)the murders of Arun Tikku and Karan Kakkad and the Simran Sood and Vijay Palande puzzle with Gautam Vora’s involvement in suicide of Former supermodel Viveka Babajee.- Just a few of the tons of  Headlines flooding our Newspapers daily!!!!

                                       Paisa, Politics, Power Have Replaced Prayer, Persistence And Patience!!!

We are occupied with covetousness!!!

            Passion to help people with Compassion is perceived as a crime and hence the word greed whereas ambition to grow (filthy rich) by exploiting the poor, innocent and powerless is the in thing, what an irony!!!
               This is not the first time that we are brazen-out with these concerns that counterfeit a weakening predicament, but perhaps the time has come to deal with them rather than just putting them under the carpet as usual! Just one unsatisfied desire is stronger than any other satisfaction! So, please find it but don’t run behind the illusion created by materialism is my genuine request to one and all!!!
    "We need to EVOLVE and not DISSOLVE"-Shabana Navani.
 To shed some more light on this I am sharing some excerpts from Chetan Bhagat’s Article,smiley

The Great Indian Social Network:  The corporate czars we celebrate are second or third-generation tycoons who run huge empires comprising dozens of unrelated businesses. Traditional management theory will wonder how a company can be in food, telecom, power, construction and finance, all at the same time. However, in India such conglomerates thrive. The promoters of these companies have the required skill, which is navigating the Indian government maze. Whether it is obtaining permission to open a power plant, or to convert agricultural land for commercial purposes, or to obtain licenses to open a bank or sell liquor – our top business promoters can get all this done, something ordinary Indians would never be able to. This is why they are able to make billions. We load them with awards, rank them on lists and treat them as role models for the young. In reality, they are hardly icons. They have milked an unfair system for their personal benefit, taking opportunities that belonged to the young on a level-playing field. Indian companies make money from rent-seeking behavior, creating artificial barriers of access to regulators; thereby depriving our startups of wealth-generating opportunities. In reality, they are no heroes. They are the opposite of cool, and despite their billions, they are, in what is known in youthful parlance, as 'losers'. For if they are not losers, why have they never raised their voice against government corruption? Our corporates don't think twice before creating a cartel to fleece customers. Yet, they never have a cartel to take a stand against corrupt politicians. They scream about the Radia tapes being leaked but do not reflect on their disgusting content. None of our blue chips have the capability to invent technology like the cell phone but being opportunists, they jumped at the chance of making money in spectrum allocation. International investors already know this, and while they see India's potential, they understand that the Indian corporate-political nexus is actually keeping India poor, not making it rich. So, we as individuals have to stop admiring and glorifying the parasitic billionaires of India. They may not be technically doing anything illegal, but there is definitely nothing cool about using connections to get something that you couldn't have if there were fair competition. We should not be celebrating money, consumption and power. We should be celebrating innovation and entrepreneurship.  Yes, these businessmen employ some of us, and we have seen increased affluence amongst some Indians. Maybe we have a million rich Indians now. It isn't enough. With the right business environment, India can be a dramatically different place, offering a better life to not just a few, but all of us. After all, to modify a dialogue from the film, "You know what's cooler than a million rich Indians? A billion rich Indians."

Friday, March 30, 2012

Let’s get out of the resent mode and get into the present mode!!!

  Thoughts, Change, Empowerment, Attitude of Gratitude, etc. etc

             Don't wait until you can do it perfectly, or exactly, just do something. That's the polar opposite of my usual train of thought.
             Our thoughts are powerful. How to overcome negative thoughts??? How do I improve my performance/ productivity???? How to channelize our energies positively????  Such sundry questions keep on irritating us on frequent basis, right????
             Today I was feeling very ‘low’ n 'defeated', I was challenged to think about what I want to be, instead of what I am not. So, I pondered on my thoughts for a moment. I thought of all things I want to be, and it was incredible to note the amount of energy that simply flooded through me when I stopped focusing on what I wasn't (feeling well, to start with) and started thinking about what I want (to be healthy, to start with). I honestly felt more awake, less sick, and more hopeful.
            While we don't control which thoughts float in and out of our consciousness, we can control which ones we allow    to stay in there and occupy our mind- as predominant thoughts/ energies. That, I think, is where our power of self belief comes in. There is, quite simply, no way to send these thoughts packing without utilizing our power of Intuition +Instinct and Positive Attitude cum Approach (Mindset Reprogramming).
It's a pretty frightening time in our world's economic history. All around us, people are losing their jobs, killing others / committing suicide. Corruption and Crime is on a rampage. Older folks are putting off retirement out of necessity. Younger ones are feeling lost and insecure. The election has brought out the usual nasty rhetoric. There is not a lot of hope among the masses.
               Now, we could focus on that. Or we can remember the value of Gratitude- 'Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable -- if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – it’s this very moment, the power of NOW! Think about things, the relationships you have and not about what you don’t have. Just count your Blessings!!!
              How about this? From now on, tell to yourself, make a pact with yourself that from today onwards I will pray only positively. Frequent Re-affirmation is the key here according to me. Instead of what I don't want, I will ask for what I do. Instead of noticing the failures, the stupidity, the negative, I'll give thanks for those things that lead me to my goal. A free country (isn't it awesome that we can have dialogue in public?); a prosperous community (isn't it so cool that we all have food on our table and there are so many generous people sharing their wealth?); a bright future (Our present promises to enable us to achieve a better future). Ok, it might sound clichéd to most of us. But………Still, why not? What is there, really, to lose? After all, anything worth doing is worth doing poorly as long as we are not procrastinating, lols. So let’s get out of the resent mode and get into the present mode!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Life is too short ...........................n the world is Big enuf!

I have lost faith in most people. I do have a few people in my life that are genuine, and I feel very blessed to know them. But in general, I find that too many people are disappointments. People who use the words "friend" and "love" loosely! People who cannot be counted on, People who betray others for their own personal gain. I am, and have always been a genuine person. It is disheartening. I never tell someone that I love them if I don't feel it. To do so is deceitful, hurtful and just plain wrong. I have had someone tell me they love me, only to turn around and hurt me so deeply that I wanted to die. I have also had people in my life that called me friend, yet weren't a friend in return. I just don't understand how or why humans can be this way. I have a tough exterior to protect myself from such, but I am very (probably overly) sensitive under that shell. When I let someone in, it is by choice. When that someone abuses my inner being, they are cast out and not allowed back in. I have to say, that the casting out is painful because I let so few in. I lose pieces of myself every time.
However, Life is too short to spend time with people who suck the happiness out of you i.e. Energy Vampires! If someone wants you in their life, they’ll make space for you. There will be no agitation or argument or unnecessary conflict. Never ever force yourself on someone who continuously overlooks your worth. Remember, it’s not the ones that stand by your side when you’re at your best..........   but the ones who stand besides you when you’re at your worst are your truest friends and rarest jewels!!!