Monday, August 17, 2015

“Always is not Forever”

We make mistakes (read errors). At times, Epic shit happens, completely unknowingly…. We all fail at something at some-point of our life, MOST OF US DO……. We judge a person wrongly and pay for it. We trust a person and feel betrayed…sometimes others may feel betrayed due to our certain decisions/actions…. The Road Goes On though……….Life goes onnn….whether we may like it or not…….. time passes away……but sometimes we still feel trapped in the past….d past dat we may view as a big mistake and regret the consequences… d way our present has been shaped up!!!
At one point we feel exhausted and tired…………… we feel we have reached a dead end….but as they say it’s not the end, infact it’s just a bend. “Always is not Forever”…………… is this very point where we have to understand that “Always is not Forever”. What do I mean by this? I simply mean that our past mistakes don’t define us, they can actually refine us………As Robert Kennedy once said, “Tragedy is a tool for the living to gain wisdom, not a guide by which to live.” How is it possible??? Expand your comfort zone…..yes, just expand it, no need to jump outta it J Sounds crazy??? But that’s d real hidden secret… just like our potential we are most times unaware of the flexible (yes stretchable) boundaries….of our comfort zone…….. Recognize the pattern that leads to same juncture, same thoughts and same results always…but at the same time remember that what has happened in the past always doesn’t necessarily have to repeat forever. ONCE you identify the faulty pattern, work on it (Break it) and modify it for better results. U will be amazed once u realize that at this stage unlearning (most challenging) some hard-wired facts (not easy) of your life will come to your rescue. As mentioned earlier, we all need to unlearn to expand our comfort zone and test its flexibility that has become rigid due to some hardwired experiences. but it’s time to let go…..not the experiences/ memories but the bitterness attached to it….it’s time to forgive…… it’s time to not tell d story but sell the story….yes sell the story to our own self….let it be the biggest blockbuster of ur life… has all d ingredients- action, emotion, passion, drama, humour, yes….all of it and much much more, if you view it as an outsider/ as an audience. Forgiving will not only make you strong but it will also make you ready to unlearn. You can’t unlearn if u r unforgiving….. The point is to turn discontent into action “now”. If you have been facing any problem, ignoring them will not make them disappear. Instead use the friction they produce to intensify your feelings until you put yourself on a new path in a new direction and new obviously doesn’t have to be right. But you will surely be rewarded for venturing out. and then be ready to fail if u r so desperate to succeed…those failures will create a path towards your Goal!!! As Samuel Beckett says, “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better” 

P.S: As a professional social worker, I have always preferred working with youth. Actually, I find myself charged up and comfortable while amongst them. It makes me feel, as if I am back to my early 20’s. Hence the fixation may be. However, in May I was surprised to get an offer from Doorstep School (NGO). I was asked to take interactive Life-skills sessions for the tribal kids residing in SGNP and Aarey colony of Mumbai. The age group is 5th – 9th std. I was both, happy and nervous. I was happy to get this novel opportunity but nervous because I had never ever ventured into something like this. But, I somehow prepared myself for the challenge. I categorized my fear into 2 distinct types of fears. First, fear to perform and second fear of failure. To be frank, fear to perform still persists but fear of failure is no more. The children have accepted me and that’s my biggest success of the project, I guess J