Tuesday, November 12, 2013

“From being drifted to being driven”

  Stressed and stretched or stretched and stressed??? Whatever is ur answer….First, tell yourself, multitasking is a myth & doing more than one thing at a time makes you less productive. So, here I have a few tips for those who are willing 2 explore n experiment:
A.     Goals: Living a Life w/o a goal is like filling a bottle with a hole.First define yourself & only then define your Goals that align with your personality. Improvise, rather than wasting efforts on improving the past since we just can’t do that, past is passed... Know yourself. Know what you’re looking for before you expect someone else to help you in the search for it.  Find out your madness and then give method to it…
B.     Desire to succeed > fear of Failure:
"Your biggest break most times comes from quitting at the right time. Being at the right place at the right time can only happen when you keep moving towards N.O. i.e. Next Opportunity”.  Respect the effort and treat failure as a worthwhile experience needed to grow and succeed.  Tenacity and Hunger to WIN always trumps Talent in the longer run… & the acronym W.I.N.  also stands for “What’s Important Now”. Stay away from the -“If Only” Syndrome. I’ll elaborate on the “If Only” Syndrome in my next blog, but right now read it as excuses that we give our-self for not doing what we need to do.  
C.     Overcome fear: One Force responsible for making someone fearless??? Love, care, passion, compassion, commitment, conditioning, empathy, devotion, dedication??? PAIN
My pain overcame my fear & now I am trying to transform it into Kindness through my actions, work-Life!!! That’s the most obvious path according to me, as Levoy says, 'People won't pursue their callings until the fear of doing so is finally exceeded by the pain of not doing so.' I have found this to be very true….my pain overcame my fear…..
Change is painful, transition is painful, especially when completely unexpected since we are completely unprepared to embrace the uncertainty. . . But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don't belong. But, “Never rush into a new beginning prematurely”. However, remember the golden rule: “When u stop chasing the wrong things, u give the right things a chance to catch u”. Most of us believe God is almighty. But I believe that we make him almighty with our actions…–
Our pain and struggle defines our success and refines us......... Rock bottom becomes the solid foundation to rebuild & restart life.
Finally, Be Grateful, Honest & Humble but don’t be a doormat; say no to guilt & pity and release yourself from the traps of unnecessary baggage of regrets, remorse and shame.
  3 cyclic phases of Life:
                            i .  Accident- Event/ tragedy/ unknown fear/ nightmare coming true/ anything sudden
                           ii.  Denial- “I have a control”? Oh, really? Ask urslf…  Accept it, u don’t have complete control over everything - so plzzzzzz let go wats not in ur control!!!
                           iii.  “END": "Every ending is a new beginning”- Embrace it & get ur control back on things that are actually in ur hands!

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” ― Albert Einstein
Be a good Lisder. Most people do not listen to understand; they just hear to reply (and I too sometimes do the same)…many a times on an auto pilot mode. Good Listeners are Good Leaders….
Once you've found your own voice, the choice to expand your influence, to increase your contribution, is the choice to inspire others to find their voice. Inspire means to breathe life into another -Stephen Covey.  

And, your definition of yourself, your dreams, and your goals may modify either due to achievement or boredom- no problem! Shed your skin- While you set your goals and plan ur blueprint, remember to be flexible and open-minded. Emerging circumstances might derail you from your track and even make your destination seem remote or inaccessible. Develop the pragmatism and resilience you need to change tracks, get back on course or set your-self another goal.  “Out of perfection nothing can be made. Every process involves breaking something up.” — Joseph Campbell i.e. just start/restart wherever you are with whatever you have. Continue Exploring & Learning…..Be childlike & when a few stupid or insecure people criticize u, treat it as a first sign of success J
Don’t Dissolve through Selfishness…. instead, Evolve through Empathy- & Inspire…..


  1. Great Article and Thank You Sunny! :)

  2. good one year... enough to give a boost for a new beginning.. keep it up.. loved it..